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Rave Reviews

"BBB saved my MC career!"

Miho Noguchi
International Event Host / MC based in Japan

Trilingual MC (EN-JP-FR), Roger Love Certified Voice Coach, Voice-over Artist, Mrs. Globe Japan 2017


Client Highlight

Q: Was it worth it?

A: “Absolutely! Coach Hanul’s BBB Course is the best in the world! It is THE course to take if you are in the bilingual MC industry and want to build confidence and take your career to the next level.

Even if you are not confident about your English speaking ability or MCing skills, it’s perfectly okay because Coach Hanul will tell you what to do!"


Don't let busy get in your way

Sonoko Koga
Bilingual Interpreter / MC (JP/EN)

I love that BBB Foundation is a one-month program.  BBB is perfect for busy individuals like me who are unable to commit to programs that run for longer months.

EJ Hong
Aspiring MC / Full-time Mom

If I can do this as a full-time mom, you can do it too! My dream to become a better bilingual MC has become clearer than ever.

Asami Thayer
Bilingual MC (JP/EN) / Mom of 2

Without the BBB Foundation, I would have never been able to challenge myself to become a bilingual MC. I am doing this for myself. This will be my asset.

Don't let English get in your way

“I don’t really have any English MC-ing skills and I’m not confident in my English. But a part of me just felt like doing it. And I found inner healing while taking BBB.”

- Chika Abe, TV Presenter, Yoga Instructor, Event MC, Host

“BBB Foundation is really helpful for people who totally forgot how to speak English. It covers the basics and Coach Hanul makes learning easy and doable!"

- Heejeong Seo, Korean Event MC / Announcer

What clients say:

  • 80% of clients say the program EXCEEDED or HIGHLY EXCEEDED their expectations.
  • 100% of clients say they will recommend this program to others.
  • 0 % of clients say they regret taking this course.

Interpreters can now enjoy being on stage

Angie Gieun Lee
Bilingual Interpreter (KR/EN)

“I had so many “Eureka!” moments going into every module. I don't know why I didn't take this course sooner!”

Yuki Matsuoka
Trilingual Interpreter (JP/EN/GR)

“I wish I had known about this course 10 years ago.

It would have changed my life!”

Lena Euna Yoo
Bilingual Interpreter (KR/EN)

“I was looking for a coach and a mentor who could guide me in the right direction and provide clear answers. Coach Hanul was exactly that!”

Veteran MCs can now feel, OMG! Relief!

Mamiko Matsumoto
Bilingual Event MC (JP/EN)
15+ years of MC Experience

Thanks to BBB, I can now stand on stage with 100% confidence every single time!

Sulhee Kim
Korean Broadcaster/ Bilingual MC (KR/EN)
10+ years of MC Experience

After 2 sessions you will probably feel like

you're on the right track with the right person."

" After 2 sessions you will probably feel like

you're on the right track with the right person."



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“I decided to enroll in BBB although I had no immediate MC jobs lined up because my lack of confidence originated from a lack of preparation. Now, I'm ready to take my career to new heights!”

- Sang Hee Lee, Business English Interpreter, 10+ years in Broadcasting Industry

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